Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Importance of a Belt

Moda International Sweater, Old Navy Silk Blouse, Barney's New York Leather Belt, Levi's Jeans, Pour La Victoire Boots, Urban Outfitters Sunnies, Forever 21 Ring, Lauren Merkin Clutch

Belts are the most under appreciated and overlooked accessory. They are such a fun item that can add so much to an outfit through function and style. A nice leather belt can also help you from pulling up your skinny jeans all day long- very important!

Shopping for belts: Always look for quality, a fine one will last a long time and never go out of style. Belts are one of my favorite items to find at thrift stores- you can usually find a high quality leather or snakeskin belt for $2 or less.

Here is my outfit without a belt, see how it looks like something is missing? A belt adds a cohesive element to an outfit and finishes off your look.


  1. like ur vintage outfit ! i follow u

  2. Love the sweater!! I've been meaning to ask you, who is taking all your pics?

  3. The sunglasses are killing me. Love it. Also, please come to my house and teach me how to make my curly hair look non-insane.

  4. your top is so pretty! I like it very much!